"Education and development are seeds one to the other" Steve Biko

At CEF School, we can't change the world, but we can change the world for a handful of children and their families; giving them real hope of succeeding in school and life.

Our Board of Trustees are passionate about Zanzibar, and passionate about education........

Caity Sakeroff, B.A (Combined Hon.), BEd. (Canada), Chair Person. Head of Secondary School at the International School of Zanzibar. Zanzibar resident for 6 years.

Judi Palmer, B.App.Sc., M.Ed. (Australia), Founding member and Full time Volunteer Executive Director. Zanzibar resident for 14 years.

Asha Ahmed, M.Ed. (UK), Founding Member. Tanzanian Citizen. Formerly worked in education development for TZ21, and Education Development Center, both USAID funded teacher training projects. Currently working as Teaching and Learning Specialist for Tanzania Tusome Pamoja Program assisting Zanzibar's Ministry of Education to scale up reading, writing and arithmetic improvement interventions in schools with an emphasis on curriculum and materials development.

Creative Education Foundation of Zanzibar was established in 2011 (Reg No. 876, The Societies Act), borne out of the concern about the lack of access to quality education for Zanzibar's underprivileged.


UWEZO Tanzania* has cited an overall 10% pass rate for Grade Six students from disadvantaged backgrounds in literacy and numeracy tests. Children from these backgrounds are more likely to drop out of school prematurely. Put simply, life becomes a perpetual poverty cycle.


The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar

Maryam Ellias, B.Comm., Secretary. Maryam Elias is a Zanzibari business woman and has volunteered at CEF School since 2014. Ms Elias is passionate about access to quality education for Zanzibar’s disadvantaged children.   

Salim Mohamed, Financial Controller. Local businessman Salim Mohamed was born in Zanzibar has been an active member of the school since its inception. Salim also serves on the board of SOS School in Zanzibar and is a very active campaigner for access to quality education for all in Zanzibar