Direct Bank Transfer 

Account Name – The Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar
Account Number – 330111 0673 USD
Bank -  KCB (Tanzania Limited) Stone Town Branch
Address – Cine Africa Building, Malindi St, PO BOX 3897, Zanzibar
Branch Name – Stone Town Branch
Correspondence Bank – Bankers Trust (BITCO)
Please notify us by email so we can ensure your transfer is received into our account. Please note this method of payment is only advised for lump sum payments as swift transfer fees are high.

A quality education provides a real chance to break out of the poverty cycle and achieve a fulfilling and productive life.

Other Ways to Support CEF School.....

Help us mentor our local teachers on the job – building capacity of local teachers is what we are focused on. To do this, our qualified volunteer mentor works with our local teachers daily. You can support this position with a stipend for only USD300 per month.

Support a Local English Teacher on Staff – Our local teachers are guiding their children fabulously based on their own education and the mentoring and training they have received with CEFZ. Unfortunately, their English capacities are not adequate for them to teach this subject themselves (unfortunately, this is not an unusual situation in Zanzibar). However, our students need to be fluent in English to be able to cope with an English based curriculum in High School. In order to provide our students with the English skills they need to succeed in school, we need a local highly qualified & fluent English Teacher to build language capacities of our teachers and students. We need $300 per month to do this.

Pay the salary of a local teacher in training - one month or as many as you like - USD150 per month

Send a local teacher off to intensive training in Nairobi, Kenya, at the East African Teacher Training Course - ten modules over three years, each module of two weeks duration: USD 400 per teacher module (three modules are held per year). Pay one teacher, one module, or whatever you like - little by little, it all helps fill the bucket!

Help us build new classrooms – To take on new students, we need to build more classrooms. This is a biggie, USD 20,000, will kick us off. Money well spent, we think.

Support our School Food Program - This year we extended our school day for two very important reasons; 

1) Since most of our students come from families already struggling with hardship, many guardians have limited education to provide learning support in the home. so by providing a longer school day, our teachers can support students with homework club and,

2) a lot of our children are not nourished at home and were coming to school hungry, which is not ideal for learning. We are now providing porridge for breakfast, snacks and lunch - a balanced diet during school times with fruit and protein for our 40 needy children is only $1 per child per day. Full bellies make learning much more effective.

PayPal - send a donation or your Child Sponsorship payment via PayPal to We know a lot of people like to do this anonymously, but please do tag your name or the child's name so we can track our accounts - we promise to respect your privacy. New sponsors may elect to sponsor a male or female child - all of our students are equally deserving.

The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar

Become an Agent of Change

We could never have come this far without the generosity of friends who have handed us a few padded envelopes since we began in 2012. Recently some generous souls have also begun sponsoring some of our orphan students. We will be forever indebted tor this support.

Half of our deserving students are sponsored. Child sponsorships cover full meals and snacks whilst at school in order to combat food insecurity on many student homes. Fees also cover full tuition, uniforms, books, excursions, and all materials needed to provide our students with the best education possible, so they can develop to their full potential, as responsible, employable educated young adults who can in their turn help others in this changing world.

CEFZ also provide medical and dental care for students in order to keep their school attendance high. In the past, CEFZ have treated multiple cases of malnutrition, provided cholera vaccinations and covered surgery costs for students. 

Full sponsorships are $140 per month per student (includes tuition, uniforms ,all books). You can get a group of friends or family together and all join in. If you would just like to support meals for a student, this can be done from US40 per month. Whatever you can afford, you will be helping to keep us doing what we do best and CEFZ is grateful for your support.

Sponsors receive n introductory letter about their sponsored child, a bi-annual newsletter from the school, and an annual progress report on their student (we would like to make this more frequent in the future but would also like to keep costs down, so depend volunteers for more frequent sponsor updates).

If you are interested in helping us grow, survive, and enriching the life of a deserving child with the gift of education that just keeps on giving, send an email to or