Imagine you never went further than the distance you could walk from your home. Never maybe except for an annual celebration.

Imagine you were in a school of 120 to 140 children in a class. No resources, sitting on a dirty floor, no text books, teachers often absent. Little or no learning.

Imagine you were plucked out of that school, placed in a lovely learning environment, with only 15 other students. Desks, chairs, library books, text books. You are given breakfast, lunch and snacks. What a paradigm shift.

At CEFZ, we are passionate about providing as much learning as possible to our disadvantaged and orphan students. What better way to learn than to experience? In February 2018, our grade 6 class will travel to Mainland Tanzania, meet different tribes, walk through villages, climb a mountain, stand on the edge of a cliff and look into a valley, see the great snow capped Kilimanjaro in the distance, enter the National Parks and view animals. Feel the cold air for the first time, know what forests and grasslands really are.

This is the wildest dream they could ever think of, and wraps up all they have studied only in abstract thus far - geology, minerology, civil society, botany, climate, zoology and so much more. It is the chance to feel loved by their teachers, work together as a team, support each other with challenges. Feel carefree and joyful for a week.

If you would like to help us fund this trip of a lifetime, please go to

Together, we can raise these children to be successful global citizens.

We are all the sum of our experiences, CEFZ want to offer as many experiences as we can for our students to broaden their minds.

The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar