CEFZ is a project to benefit locals - local children and local teachers. Building capacity of local teachers is imperative to enhancing delivery of quality education in Zanzibar

Extra-ordinary Teachers Can Raise Exceptional Students

We employ local teachers and help them develop strong creative teaching skills by enabling them to attend training modules at the Rudolf Steiner Teacher Training Course in Nairobi. In between these blocks of learning our teachers are mentored on the job daily by experienced Steiner Waldorf Mentors. 

With our smaller class sizes, our teachers are less stressed and able to enjoy their teaching experience - and better teaching equals a better education for our children - a strong start on the journey to becoming an active contributing member of their communities. 

Low Overheads

We leverage qualified volunteers from overseas as our own learning guides to provide our local teachers with the skills they need, in their turn, to provide our children with a quality and engaging learning experience. Concentrating on  employing locals means our overheads are lower, ensuring all available resources go to where they are most needed - to providing the children of Zanzibar with a quality education, and increasing local teaching capacities.

The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar