The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar

English Language Teaching Volunteers - medium to long term (three months minimum) - The Zanzibar State School Curriculum abruptly switches to English Medium at Secondary School entry. The problem is that many children have not received the required level of English language education in Primary school, so they are again challenged by a difficult education policy. Many teachers do not have the required level of English to be able to change this situation. in general, the net result is that teachers fall back on didacic teaching, and students memorise to pass exams, leaving no space or time for stimulation of creative and critical thinking skills. Almost all of our students join us with no English skills at all. We have a strong need for volunteer support staff to work with our locally trained teachers to improve their English, and to support our teaching staff with English language learning for our pupils. Preferably you will be CELTA or TEFL qualified. Help us reach our mission of a better education for the children of Zanzibar by assisting us with English Language Learning. For more information please send a cover letter with your CV to

Seeking Native Arabic Language Teachers - Arabic is a compulsory topic of the Zanzibar Primary and Secondary School curriculum, and this is another area where we need help. If you are fluent in Arabic and can volunteer for us, we'd love to hear from you.

Volunteering in Zanzibar - Please note that all volunteering positions, unless otherwise stated are self-funded by the volunteer - visas, travel expenses and housing are not covered - we would like to help you to help us, but our focus is on our children, and our budget is limited. So that volunteering works best for us and for the volunteer, we prefer to take volunteers who are qualified and experienced for the skill they are offering, or who have a Waldorf education background. If this is you, please contact us at

Volunteers Who Are Up For Anything

Maybe we will need you to supervise playground time, teach our cooks to make some different nutritious foods, build a tree house, tend the garden or the library, teach students some English or Arabic songs, help us make a professional presentation or a short film, fundraise, or help with reading practice. If you are super flexible, and an all-rounder, then reach out to us!