Our goal is to develop young adults who can take responsibility for their families, communities and environment.

Inspired by the principles of Rudolf Steiner, our curriculum fosters a holistic education where our children learn academics appropriate for their stage of development, combined with as much hands on and artistic learning opportunities as possible, enabling them to learn to be creative and think critically and independently.

Waldorf education prepares children for life with a curriculum that values family, community, nature, and the arts, Zanzibar needs better educated well-rounded young adults to lead  their peers into the future and become positive role models for their community and stewards for their environment - this is where CEF School can help.

Our children just love coming to school - their learning journey at CEF  School is particularly nurturing for little souls who have already experienced much hardship in many cases. 

Learn more about Steiner Waldorf Education here www.steinereducation.edu.au/steiner-education

The Creative Education Foundation, Zanzibar